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Orion Infusion Ltd , formerly named Mala Chemical & Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. started its humble operation in 1989 & became a public limited company in the year 1994 as a new addition to the specialized Large Volume I.V. Manufacturer in Bangladesh. The company is devoted in producing Large Volume Parenteral (LVP) & other life saving injectable products. Orion Infusion Ltd has the manufacturing facilities for the production of I. V. Rehydration

Solutions, Electrolyte Solutions, Solution for Acidosis, Ranitidine I.V. infusion, Anti-Microbial products viz. Ciprofloxacin I. V., Metronidazole I.V. etc. To meet the tremendous increment in the demand of its products, Orion Infusion Ltd is now set to expand its production capacity further by installing modern and sophisticated technologies which will certainly rich its core competency. Company now producing pure steam generated fluids, which is cGMP requirement instead of Black steam generated fluids. Innovative product like Amino acids solution is introduced by Orion Infusion Ltd, which is first ever manufactured in Bangladesh and this will give Orion Infusion Ltd a competitive advantage over others. Orion Infusion Ltd Quality Manual describes the quality policies & company wide control structure of the quality management system (QMS), which is leading towards achieving its corporate vision and mission.

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